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Thread: Caller ID displayed on tv screen?

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    Caller ID displayed on tv screen?

    Recently heard that a phone call incoming from one's phone with caller ID can be set to display on tv screen, and one can use the tv remote to handle the call. Wha....? I'd like to know more about this.

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    If you have your TV cable and telephone from the same provider (Cox, Time-Warner, etc.) they offer this in my area...for an extra fee of course. It does not work for a cell phone.


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    As usual, everyone has "invented" new gimics at about the same time. Newer "smart" flat screens have internet access built in. Apple has a way for iPhones/iPads to actually operate as cable remotes that they've been trying to get cable companies to buy into. Mediacom has quietly implented a new feature on their cable boxes that lets you control cable access via an iPad. The whole TV/Cable/Phone/Computer/Internet world is changing yet again.

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    We've got Verizon and it works on cell phones. It doesn't list the name but the number is displayed on the TV screen. So, as long as you know the number you're okay. We used to have Bright House and phone calls also displayed on the computer screen. You could also enter names so the name of cell phones callers appeared on both the TV and computer screens for everyone you entered

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    My Dad has AT&T and his incoming home line displays on his new flat screens. No added fee. This may be a local seniors benefit. No names though just the number.

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    I have AT&T U-Verse package deal (phone, internet, and TV) and it displays incoming calls along with the name (sometimes it doesn't have the name and id's the number as "caller unknown" (or something like that). I'm fairly sure I could handle a call with the remote but I've never tried.

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    Thanks all for the information. Anyone know if there's any security/privacy issues related to incoming calls displaying on cable tv? For example, does the cable company have access to this feature? I've resisted having one service provider for tv and phone, with some concerns. In my area, we get electricity outages which knock out the cable tv, and would seem to knock out the home phone if it was with cable company.

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