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    Bone health

    I was wondering if fractures in the bone showed up on bone density scan? Do you generally get osteoporosis in the joints? I bashed my elbow a Month ago on concrete just my own momentum by mistake I have no sensation but it has been cracking a lot lately some are small, some are pretty big with movement for twisting and sometimes they are more of a thud,This has been happening in my back spine as well?

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    I am not qualified to answer all of your questions, so I'll leave that to the experts. I Just wanted to suggest that, if you fell recently, it is probably a good idea to have that area examined by a doctor and possibly x-rayed, especially if you can not feel that area. That is really the only way to determine if there is any type of damage. Good luck, I wish you the best.

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    Normally tests for osteoporosis, the DEXA scans, are at the hip joint area. If you think wyou broke something a simple xrays will show it. I've managed to only break an arm in 21 years and that was stirring cookie dough. Long story because I should have had it xrayed sooner.

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    You should definitely have it checked out by your doctor. Is there any swelling? redness? bruising? A simple xray will tell you if you broke anything, but I would strongly encourage you to be seen by a health care professional, especially since you have a lack of sensation.

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