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Thread: The Difference Between Regaining Function and "faking it"

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    The Difference Between Regaining Function and "faking it"

    I'm a high thoracic injury, initially complete at T5 ASIA A. For years I've been telling myself..."you're not a T5 anymore! you don't even look like a T5!" And people tell me..."you don't look like a T5." Look in the mirror...smiling with a straight spine...but the counter top is high enough that I can't see my hands on my knees! Yeah. I'm a T5 with big arms.

    This is one particular case, right? but it exemplifies both the psychology as well as the modality which let's me get through the world with no trunk control, looking like I in fact have some trunk control. But in fact, if I always put my hands on my knees, 100% of the time to make myself sit up, what muscles I do have will NEVER develop!

    The other problem I believe is that the system is rigged for "safety" rather than progressive development. The chair you get out of rehabilitation will have a back which is high enough to accommodate someone which is at the exact injury level you are at. The chair will have high enough back so you can't possibly get hurt. The home evaluation will "insist" that someone like you requires a jungle gym in your room in order for you to have bed mobility.

    So today, and everyday moving forward, I'm going to make an active time of the day...starting with 10 minutes...where I get out of that comfort zone.

    Dr. Young has said in the past "Several levels of recovery is the rule, not the exception for a spinal cord injury." That being the case, if I never look for it, I'll never find it will I.


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    Good insight. What do you plan to do to get out of your comfort zone?

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    Rumba lessons ;) Among other things.... Onward!

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    Being a C6 complete quad myself I get that a lot too. People say I look and physically act like a para. I sometimes see/believe that myself but really, it's only my arms that are strong. Other than my strong arms, I have no additional movement for a C6.

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