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Thread: effects of chair setup on curb jumping ability?

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    effects of chair setup on curb jumping ability?

    I recently got larger rear wheels, and have been adjusting my configuration to acommodate the changes that involved. I came up a size in rear rims from 24 to 25 inch, and also changed the rsh setting so I sit higher, independent of the change the wheel size made. Because of the lessened dump from rsh change, (and therefore heavier feeling front end) I ended up moving my center of gravity forwards a bit, and subsequently raised FSH as well, although dump is still less than it was before these changes. My chair feels no more tippy than it did before the changes, but I've noticed since then, my ability to jump curbs is dramatically improved. I don't have nearly as much of a problem of getting stuck with my front casters up on the lip, unable to hop up the ledge. I'm wondering if this has something to do with the wheel size change, or perhaps the overall decrease in room between my front wheels and back wheels from the size and COG changes. I've just been amazed what a change this is, and am very pleased with it. Wondering if anybody has input as to the impact of this geometry sort of thing.... I just found it very interesting.

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    I've been adjusting my chair (AeroZ) ever since I got it three years ago. Some adjustments have hurt (subsequently undone), and others have helped. Over time, I have ended up with a higher FSH, lower RSH, increased rear wheel size (from 24 wire to 25 MagicWheels), reduced caster size (from 6 to 5), an ergo seat (numerous iterations), lower backrest height, a solid back instead of fabric, and several other tweaks. During that time, I have been filling out the order form for my next chair in parallel with the adjustments (the model of which has changed several times - currently hoping for a TiLite TR). Just this morning, the VA agreed to order me a FreeWheel :)

    So, yes, little adjustments can have huge effects. Subsequently I'm very protective of my chair. Recently I took several 8-hour bus trips with transfers. They wanted to store my chair with the luggage - no way :( My chair is part of my body.

    PS: some have accused me of OCD behavior ;) But without my chair, I'd be home bound. With it well adjusted, I am free !!

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    Very simplistically (which is the way my brain works!), the larger wheel makes the curb appear smaller. See attached picture which shows the difference in an exaggerated way.

    We just increased my son's wheel size from 22 to 24 inch (he's grown), and he notices a similar difference with curbs. (And everyone at school thought he had a new wheelchair - what a difference new wheels make!!)

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