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Thread: Duette catheters

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    Duette catheters

    hi, i want to buy duette catheters but in ally they ask me for my doctor phone to call him but i live in Mexico and dont have one, does somebody know where can i buy without prescription? thx

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    There aren't many outlets that I know of who are selling Duette catheters. The manufacturer Poiesis and Ally seem to be pretty much the whole ball game. I know they will send free samples not to an individual, but to you doctor and then you have to pick up the samples from your doctor. These restrictions (actually all catheters require and current prescription from a doctor) are in place due to medical liability issues. Write or call Poiesis and see what you may be able to work out with them.

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    [SIZE=14px]I don't know if they require a prescription of not but at [/SIZE] [SIZE=14px]you may be able to order from their website. I searched using the search engine Bing and the words "Duette Catheters" and got many hits.

    Good luck.

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