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Thread: Got a new TV

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    Got a new TV

    I moved into the 21st century yesterday when my 50" Panasonic Plasma Smart TV was delivered. I also got a Blue Ray player and a Tivo. I should be set for life. I will probably ditch the Tivo. The few times that I will be using it do not justify the complexity it adds to the setup especially for my for my wife. I will probably be back here seeking help. We broke it in today watching a Carolina football game. I was sorry to see my old 35" Sony analog with a converter box go but it started to screech and just go crazy intermittently.

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    Congratulations! Welcome to the 21st century. You got a nice one being a plasma smart TV. I recently bought a Toshiba LED TV after my Mitsubishi rear projection cut out on me but it's not a smart TV. I hook up the computer to it so it doesn't need to be smart. Good luck playing with it

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    Once you go HD you will never go back. And when you can record TV and fast forward the commercials, it is a real blast. Enjoy your new toy.

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