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Thread: Anyone been to Key West ? Going for Christmas !

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    Anyone been to Key West ? Going for Christmas !

    My husband and I are going to Key West this Christmas for a week. We've been there before his accident but of coarse at the time we weren't paying any attention which fishing charters have ramps, or what types of activities someone in his condition could do there (C6/7 , full time wheel chair user) ..I've got the accomodations taken care of , and there are a few websites with information on accessibility , but I wonder if anyone has personal experiences to share> We'd like to do some things while we're there... I noticed that you can rent a power chair when you get there and they will deliver it and pick it up for free :) Thats awesome, I was worried about him in the manual for as much trecking around the island as I wanted to do ..,,.,.

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    we are booked in feb. we are staying at the westin key resort. im told from other gimps its very accessible.

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    I've been all over the island in my manual, no real accessibility problems for me

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    Hi, I'm curious myself to whether or not there are any sunset cruises available to someone in a power chair?

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    I don't know about sunset cruises, but every evening they have the sunset drunkin' gathering down at the dock to say good night to the sun.

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