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    Help Pain

    I hope im not bitching but all I get is a 25mg patch and 10/325 oxycodone. ok, every time this cold weather come in the south my pain is uncontrollable and severe.. I have no pain management doctor at all. There's none here in Louisiana.. I have sensation so it feel like my legs and hands are going to fall off. Im not complaining but I only have one pain bottle of medicine vs people that has 20 bottles that can walk... I can't take this and no one feel my pain..
    Im getting my stuff together to move to the west coast... I went bought a 5th vodka of belve

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    Man I didnt know this SCI was a free man Life Sentence.. Fuck whoever and all politicians that dont want us cure. If I ever find out any dirt on a politician I willl let the world know and ruin you're life family and happy home.. No more L's..

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    Thankfully I don't have much pain ... but the Autumn certainly brings it on! I take chondroitin in liquid form to help - and I feel it does. Shit gets harder as your body starts freezing up when older.

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    Buddy, please do not mix vodka with the patch and oxy. That combination is deadly. And my doc only hands out 5 mg of oxy. I take the Tylenol on my own to keep better track of it. That is the 325 in the 10/325. My pain is in my joints especially my right hand that has a contracture. I don't need narcotics for it I need NSAIDs like Aleve but with acid reflux and both my Mom and her Mom having had bleeding ulcers Aleve is not an answer for me. And Tylenol arthritis formula is a joke. I'm already taking the supplements so other than wrapping my hand in a heat pack it just freaking hurts!

    Have you done a search of anesthesiologists in your area with private practices? They are the doctors who normally specialize in pain management. You may need to drive to NO or BR to find one.

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    YO Mad P.. not sure whether yer doc would approve considering the combination with yer other meds, but i understand and get that same pain yer talkin bout,.. I get xanex and combined with my ultram or tramadol, xanex is a controlled substance for anxiety, but in my case the combination of it takes away that pain even though its not considered a pain reliever. ive run out on several occasions and just burn with shit pain.. but reintoduced it and kinda wipes it out.. not sure. maybe try..

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