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Thread: Poland in winter

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    Poland in winter

    Has anyone been to Poland in the winter? I have a possible trip coming up in Dec or Jan, and am wondering what to expect. I've been to Western Europe, and I'm expecting Poland (Waraw) to be a little less accessible.

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    It will be less accessible then then most of Western Europe and pretty cold and wet. Using taxis may be your best option for moving around. But the food is good and cheap. Are you going alone?

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    Possibly.. it's for work, so there will be co-workers meeting up there than can help me. I tried looking up the monthly temp averages on, but it doesn't go out that far.

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    It may be cold and wet if you are unlucky. Temperatures comparable to Chicago. May be snowing but in the city the snow melts fast and it gets sort of slushy and rolling around town is not very comfortable. I think there is a publication on wheelchair accessibility in Warsaw - i can look it up you want. There is an organization called FAR ( Foundation for Active Rehabilitation) . They organize programs for people with SCI and they may have some more info on accessibility . I can get you their phone number in Warsaw. I bet somebody there will speak English.

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    I am from Poland, you don't want to go there in the winter. There are no accessible taxis and the whole country is not accessible. The sidewalks are uneven and the curbs don't have cuts so people will have to help you get up and down. Public transportation is also not wheelchair accessible.

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    Your last comments would apply in any season though - I guess I will just have to tough it out or buddy up with a co-worker to get pushed around. Not sure if I have a choice, but thanks for the comments. I can usually get in a car as long as it's level with my chair - it doesn't have to be accessible.

    I found the website for FAR: Thanks for the tip.

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