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Thread: Got the standing frame today! How long does it take to be able to stand for prolonged periods?

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    Is weight bearing safe for the leg bones if one has been in a wheelchair for many years? I was just wondering if the bone becomes weakened/fragile over time?

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    If you are a number of years post injury, it is recommended that you speak to your physician, and perhaps have Xrays and/or Dexa scans done of your distal femur and proximal tibia before starting standing, as it is possible to sustain fractures from standing if your osteoporosis is bad.


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    He'll get more tolerant as time goes on ,.......don't let people scare ya !

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    He'll get more tolerant as time goes on ,.......don't let people scare ya !

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    Thanks KLD, I've done nothing but sit on my bum for 19yrs

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    As always, thanks to all for taking the time to comment. He is actually doing great with it, and had more tolerance than he did several months ago when we tried it before. He was able to stand for maybe 10 minutes the first time. The only thing bugging him now is his FEET ! They hurt him all the time and always have... So they kill him in the stander.

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