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Thread: Q's for Tablet Pro's.

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    ~With all due respect your advice regarding Windows a is absolutely wrong. Windows 8 is an excellent operating system. You just have to learn how to use it. And you might as well learn to use it now it is not going anywhere. It will be the flagship of Windows for many generations to come. It is also very fast and compact. Games run better under Windows 8 than any other iteration of Windows. It has so many improvements making it the best operating system Microsoft has made yet.

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    And by the way you don't need a touchscreen to run Windows 8. It's not very difficult clicking a title to launch a program. And you actually save steps having the start menu start when you launch Windows 8. But now with Windows 8.1 you can customize it going directly to desktop, using the all programs menu as your start screen or leaving leaving "Metro" based tile menu as your start screen.

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    Windows 8 might be great for games but it blows for pro audio/video, those who don't like touchscreens, those who use certain pro software for getting work done, and those annoying hovering dialogues at the side of the screen. I like machines which run what I need them to run, no more, no less. I like them usable with a keyboard and mouse, Metro is good on touch screens, blows for anything else. And that stupid Secure Boot and locked down BIOS is annoying for those who like to run alternate operating systems. That said, I like how Windows 8 performs on less resources (Ideal would be desktop classic mode or Metro chosen by menu or at installation). If every essential OS function worked in Metro and was consistent, I'd mind it less. Some of it is old style, some is Metro. Consistency would be nice. I am playing with 8.1 presently on an experimental machine. I think Windows 9 will likely nail it. And get a strict desktop and Metro get more core functions working in the Metro interface, so reserving judgement. I run a mixture of Windows 2000, XP Pro, 7 Pro, and even 8 Pro machines at work. (and no the older machines to run newer OS will often require new audio cards, (not SoundBlaster crap, we run AudioScience pro cards for broadcast purposes, they are $500 and more each). Microsoft gets every other OS really right, the next Windows should be a really good one.

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    ~I have no idea what you are talking about. I think you are getting Windows arm based operating system Windows RT confused with Windows 8/8.1. It is true and Windows RT you can only install "Metro" based applications found in the Windows store. It is a tablet based OS. And only two manufacturers make hardware for it now, Microsoft and the company formerly known as Nokia(soon to be purchased by Microsoft). As for Windows 8/8.1 it will run any X 86 application that can be installed on it including "professional software." I run every program found in the Adobe Cs6 Master collection suite. And there is nothing preventing you from running Avid Media Composer for video, AutoCAD for CAD/CAM and Pro Tools for audio editing. Windows 8 works fine without a touchscreen. And once you launch "professional software" you are on the desktop like any other piece of software. By the way you can turn off secure boot in the bios and if you were savvy enough to install an operating system like Linux you would know how to do that. Lastly, it better get used to "Metro" style applications. The desktop is going the way of the dodo bird. The next installment of Microsoft office will be full screen totally "Metro" based. And here is even the most shocking part. Windows 9 will be based on Windows phone 8 OS.

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    Windows 8 comes in a RT version. The regular Surface uses Windows 8 RT and runs on ARM processors. Which does not run normal Windows apps. Surface Pro runs regular X86 apps with Windows 8 X86 like a normal PC does. Surface Pro is superb for a tablet. I like the Surface Pro and machines like it. The Desktop in Windows will go away when Business wants it to go away. Smartphones are for Content Consumption, not for creating Content. And in Smartphones, Apple and Android rule that world.

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    linux- free- watch movies with vlc,
    personally prefer the built in hard drives with mucho storage
    this, as well as most linux based os can be ran live from usb/hd

    I use to put
    multiple versions of linux to carry and work on/use computers
    did I mention it is ALL free< and better than windoze>

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    For the vast majority of users Linux is not an option because it is too complicated for normal people to use. I know, I know, they all have graphical user interfaces that makes it much easier for people to use. But generally people have a hard time using Windows much less something more sophisticated like any flavor of Linus.

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    @Kent you pretty much just repeated what I said regarding the flavors of Windows. I.e. Windows 8 x86-based OS and Windows RT which is based on ARM processor. Which Julie Larson Green just announced will probably be going the way of the dodo bird. Regards to the desktop going away the vast majority of people do not use computers like we might have 10 years ago. Launching programs and doing work. The vast majority of people nowadays just turn on the computer and fire up a web browser. Microsoft has realized this that's why they are getting rid of the desktop. When does 8 is just a transition. Every app will be full screen "Metro-based" applications and it will start with next year's Microsoft office.

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    LMFAO...I'm more CONFUSED than ever I want a freaking tablet to surf, play games and put movies on when i i barking up the wrong tree do i need a damn laptop .

    signed more than a little frustrated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by air ohs
    LMFAO...I'm more CONFUSED than ever I want a ... tablet to surf, play games and put movies on when i
    The 128 GB iPad Air, probably with cellular, is the best tablet for these applications.

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