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Thread: ZX-1 Power Add-on Adjustments

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    It sure sounds like the anti tips are a pain for sure. If he's not doing rapid change from level to a steep ramp, I would suggest going without it and see how it works. Sometimes, less is better. Good luck with Spinergy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by takenaback
    Well I thought it would be only a matter of time before the ZX1 started creating wear and tear on my manual wheelchair not designed for the extra stresses. I use 6 inch frogs legs composite casters which have cracked in various places around the bearing housing. I am still keen on soft roll casters as I don't want to have to go back to pneumatic so I wonder what would be more suitable or in this case more durable.

    My wheelchairs have been reinforced for E-Motion wheel use so I don't expect too many problems there but I suspect a lot of lightweight wheelchairs may not like the extra stresses the ZX1 applies. Glad I've got one now, I hope it's not a problem in the future. I have to say I have been giving the ZX1 a real hammering, not on purpose but I do have a a lot of up and down boardwalks, 1 inch lips to cross. Anyway I need a decent wheel.
    I have never had any problems with the 4" aluminum soft rolls that I've been using for years now with the ZX1. I think maybe the composite 6" were just too weak to begin with for any chair because if you look on their site you'll see they have changed it to a solid nylon wheel for the 6" :

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    The anti-tilts are there to stop the armrests from dipping down due to the ZX1 rotating forward around the camber tube because of the momentum caused by stopping abruptly when traveling down an incline. If you don't want to use the anti-tilts you can minimize this affect by narrowing the gap between the backrest posts and the ZX1s armrests. This will however, also restrict the height the front wheels will be able to raise to get over obstacles and steep inclines.
    If you want to use the anti-tilts here are what I think are your options:
    1. Remove the backrest release bar and replace it with the old style nylon release cord:
    2. Have brackets made to relocate the backrest release bar a little lower. (Maybe Spinergy could help with that)
    3. Order a replacement backrest frame with the rigidizer bar an inch higher.

    I personally don't use them. The dipping down of the armrests can be a little disconcerting in some situations but I have never been thrown out of my chair by this happening and my backrest doesn't even lock. We all have different abilities though and when set up correctly the anti-tilts work really well.

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    Just a tidbit on the zx1: This week was the first time in my life I used an umbrella. Had a heavy rain when I had to go out - had umbrella in left hand, controller on right and off I went. Sweet!

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