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    Last year a TBI specialist ordered a testosterone lab to help determine the severity of the TBI. (Somehow testosterone and cortisol are interrelated to TBI's) The lab came back with levels at 260. My doctor ordered androderm patches. My test went to 460, and I felt better than I had in a long time. The VA switch all veterans on the patch to Androgel. Since being on Androgel my test levels have fallen to 130. I started on two pumps... tested 150, and I then moved to three pumps test fell to 130. My doctor has increased the Androgel to four pumps.

    Does anyone have any clue as to what I should do? The volume of Androgel seems excessive. I liked how I felt at 460, but I hate how I feel at 130. Can I quit? or will that just make things worse.

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    Stopping it will probably make it worse, since you are no longer getting any additional testosterone. Is there anyway that your doctor can appeal the decision on a case by case basis. it seems to me that would make the most sense given your response to the patch.

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    Just keep going. It is common that when you switch to a new type of testosterone that it takes a little while to figure out the right dose. My Dad had a similar experience. I would not stop it suddenly, as you will feel pretty crappy if you do that.

    Also, review the instructions about how to apply it, and make sure you are doing it exactly correctly. My father actually wasn't following the instructions properly and it made a dramatic difference in his dose. He actually overdosed on it. Speak with your doctor and/or pharmacist or call the company's customer service number to get advice if you have any questions.

    It looks like there are 2 concentrations of Androgel available now. One is 1% and the other is 1.62%. Are you using the 1% now? Maybe your doctor will decide in the end to switch you to the higher dose of 1.62% if it is too hard to get to a good testosterone level on the lower concentration.

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    i give myself a 1ml shot of test e every 2 weeks in the shoulder. lots of people i have talked to with patches and gels have had troubles with varying levels, and those can be very expensive as compared to shots in many cases. i am no fan of needles but the couple seconds it takes every 2 weeks is well worth it.

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    I am on the 1.62 variety. I have been on it for a little over a year. As for getting the androderm on a special consideration, I have to fail three other treatments first.

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    I'm a little confused.... Typically, when you change the dose of testosterone, you should take it for one month and repeat your blood test. Then adjust the dose again if needed. They shouldn't have made you ?wait a year to re-test your blood. Call them and tell them you would like to take your blood test sooner.

    I don't understand your last sentence. You said you are on the 1.62% Androderm.

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    Very good point, hlh Appreciate your input.

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    I wasn't clear. I have been on Androgel for a year, but I have had my testosterone checked at regular intervals over that year. The results have not been good. It is 1.62 Androgel. The "androderm" was a typo. I was on Androderm 4mg patches. Then I was switched to androgel. I am currently at four pumps of the 1.62 per day.

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