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Thread: Tilite wheelchair natuaral color options

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    Tilite wheelchair natuaral color options

    Looking at purchasing my first Tilite wheelchair and would like recommendations on choosing between the two natural titanium colors satin or polished. I haven't been able to see them on a chair only the colors flyer. I like the look of the satin the best, but is it as scratch resistant as the polished? If I understand correctly the polished can be buffed out if scratches occur is this the same on the satin finish? If anyone has any pictures with these colors and would like share I would really appreciate that as well.

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    You can buff out satin also. Unfortunately, so many images are not showing on the site now. In the The CareCure CAD Repository you can see a few satin frames post #4 and #5. I think most people go with satin, as we did. It is my "impression" that polished takes more work to keep up, but maybe someone who has it can tell you more.

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    Great, thanks for your reply.

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    I have both and prefer the polished. The polished option, last I looked, was $600, not cheap. This would be a reason not many chose it.

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    Wow, yes that would be a good reason to not choose it. Thank you

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    It seems when you scratch up really don't notice it, it stays satin-like.

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    On the TiLite titanium models, the satin finish is easily buffed and maintains it's appearance with less effort.

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    Thanks for all the comments. You have made my decision for me. Satin it is. If I am denied titanium does the aluminum Aero X offer the same satin finish or just polished as the natural finishes?

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    Aero X offers satin. I'm not sure if it offers polished.

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    Understand that the satin and polished finish on the titanium frames is simply the raw metal, no paint. For the polished finished, they buff the finish (called satin) until it is shiny. There is no raw finish option from TiLite for their aluminum chairs, but they offer a satin (paint) color option, to mimic the satin (raw) finish of the titanium chairs.

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