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“This film is extremely important and will be very valuable for faculty from dozens of different disciplines from the biological sciences to disability studies to the humanities and social sciences, precisely because it confronts one of the central issues of our time: how to make sense of variations among human beings and how to make sense of our capacity for radical technological innovation that will change our entire futures.” — Clark Miller, Chair, PhD Program, Human and Social Dimensions of Science and Technology, & Associate Director, Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes, ASU

“Fascinating, humane, and provocative reframing of conceptions of ‘normal’ bodies and ‘disability.’†— Gina Maranto, Professor, Ecosystem and Science Policy, University of Miami

“‘Fixed’ is a movie about people. Funny, complicated, smart, emotional people, some of whom happen to be disabled. Their testimonies, and the way they live, are at the heart of the discussion the movie includes and promotes. It will make you think and just as important, it will make you feel. . . The issues this provocative documentary raises are profound and important, and touch all of us.” — Pete Shanks, author of “Human Genetic Engineering”