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Thread: Wheelchair hard to Push

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    Wheelchair hard to Push

    I got a new manual wheelchair and have had it for two years and when I first got it it was way easy to push for the first year. After the first year it got way hard to push. I used to do 2 or 3 pushes and I would glide, but now I'm constantly pushing repetitivelyto keep myself going. The front caster wheels are cleaned out and wheel well, but my rear wheels are a little bald. What would cause it to push so hard now?

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    If you have the recommended tire pressure and all the wheels spin freely, I'd check alignment of the rear wheels to be sure they are parallel. To do so measure at axle height the width between wheels in front and rear.

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    Wheel bearings?


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    Pictures, what kind of chair, tires? Will help people figure out your problem.

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    This happens on my Top End when the camber bar turns one way or other. As "nonoise" recommended, check the alignment of the rear wheels. If the measurement between the front and back at axle height differ your camber bar needs to be adjusted.

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