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Thread: How can I find old threads that I wrote

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    How can I find old threads that I wrote

    years ago?

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    Click on "My Subscriptions" at the top. I think the list only goes back to mid July.

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    I don't believe that the archived old posts are yet available on this site, and the search does not work on those yet. Similarly, Subscriptions and Activities (under your profile) do not go back further right now than this new version of CareCure. There is a plan for these to be eventually loaded to the new site, but no timeline yet.


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    You can find all your old posts using the Advanced Search. Go to the search bar on the upper right hand corner of the web site. Click on the search bar and choose "Advanced Search". This opens up a window that allows you to search under different criteria. In your case, please enter "Uncle Peter" in second text box for Members and press the Search button. It should list all 1135 posts that you have posted. You can narrow down that search by looking for words that may be in your post and searching under those words. I just tried it. It works. Wise.

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