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Thread: Axle length issue | TiLite ZRA S1 & Round Betty Dino | Can't use my new Dino wheels!

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    Axle length issue | TiLite ZRA S1 & Round Betty Dino | Can't use my new Dino wheels!

    Hey guys,

    I've been stuck with a problem since quite a while and was hoping if you guys could please help me out. I bought a used Ti ZRA S1 from eBay which came with 24" Sun CR20 wired wheels. So far so good. After using it for about 6 months, I decided to get new 25" Dino wheels because I found a good deal on Rutgers. Purchased the rims from seller and got pushrims, tire, tubes, separately from SportAid. All delivered, but now the axle I had for CR20 is a bit too long for my Dino wheels :( I'm not sure if I can adjust the length THAT much.

    This link on sportaid says, Sun classic rims have 2" wide hub and Dino has 1.87" wide.

    Can anyone please tell if the default axle can be adjust that much or will I have to get a new one. If new, what length should I get (planning eBay)?


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    The crucial dimensions you need are the Outside Bearing Spacing width and the Axle receiver length. This will help you calculate the correct axle grip length needed. The Dino's bearing spacing is 1.87" and the Tilite Axle receiver is probably 2" in length for a total of 3.87" width. Depending on how much Axle thread you have you may be able to tension the Axle nut enough.

    Hope this helps.

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    How do I check the axle receiver length?
    I don't think there's enough thread to make the axle 3.87". and most axles on ebay are 5 - 5.5"

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    The standard axle receiver length for Tilte is 2" . If you want to check you would need to un-thread the Receiver from the Camber Tube to measure. Or you may just try giving Tilite a call to verify. Be sure the measurement you are getting for the Axles on e-bay are the "Grip length" not the overall axle length..If you want to use Tilite Axles the correct part # for there Axle to fit the Dino wheel is #CP101035.

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    depending on how much too long your axles are, once you've adjusted the nut as low as it can go you could add some washers to shorten the effective length. This would make the button stick out beyond the hub though. If that doesn't bother you (it can make it easier to push the button for some, I've been wanting longer axles to do it but I'd need some 5.5s) I'd give it a shot. Just make sure the washers aren't larger than the nut so they can fit into the hub.

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    Thanks a lot, ~Lin and Erick [RB]. This makes things much more clear now. I'll probably buy from sportaid, or try our exchange forum first.

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