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Thread: Cushions?

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    I am not sure who made it, but the cushion I lost was awesome. It was made using the same technology using a honeycomb like structure. It apparently is the same thing that Nike uses for the soles of their Nike air shoes. It was not only machine washable, but also extremely comfortable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stumpybushman
    For the past 20 yrs I've used Invacare's Ulti-Mate foam type cushion. I replace my cushions every 2 years and I'm due for a new one so I looked on Sportaid's site and didn't see my cushion so I called and was told that Invacare discontinued my cushion. So has anyone got any good suggestions for a foam type cushion?
    I tried a Jay years ago but due to me having sensation in my butt I found it to be way uncomfortable.
    Sitting on an Ulti-Mate cushion right now (powerchair). I've never liked it. A couple of months ago I got a ROHO Quadra for my manual it's the most comfortable I've ever been. I can't afford to get one for my power (different seat size - DME idea). If there's something more comfortable than a ROHO than I'll have to meet it.

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    Check out the Varilite range. I am really liking them, especially as a fan of foam

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    I went with a Supracor Classic XS cushion and this cushion is so comfortable and cool. I really like it and have to think John at for suggesting it.

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    I went with the Supracor Slimline. Hope it works out well. I had a hard time deciding between it, Classic and Contour.

    I liked the fact the Slimline had a seat well and leg troughs. The Classic didn't have that. The Contour was VERY tempting, but a little too thick. However, I MAY go with it if I find the Slimline to be TOO thin. ;)

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    The Ulti-mate that I had always used was a contoured cushion which made it thick especially up front. If I didn't get my chair just right when getting out of my car I would catch the front corner of the cushion and roll the cushion up in under me. The Supracor Classic XS is all one thickness and I have no problems with it like I did with my old cushion.
    Another thing that I really like about the Supracor is it doesn't even come close to being as hot as my old cushion was.

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    the classic xs is the best all around cushion. I use a modded sport on my RX. Love these cushions. best there is imo. stumpy, so glad the cushion is what you needed. I thought it would be the best fit for you.

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