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Thread: Gait Harness System: anyone tried it?

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    Gait Harness System: anyone tried it?

    Is anyone here familiar with the Gait Harness System made by Second Step? It looks like a good piece of equipment to support walking exercise but because of my location have never been able to test it or see it in use. Anyone used one? What is your feeling about it? Thanks in advance.

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    As an exercise trainer, I give it ten thumbs up! It is awesome because you can manually adjust how much support the user's hips get while still allowing safe overground walking. If the user needs a break, they can simply have a seat in the harness, and the casters can be locked directionally so the walker can only go forward or backward - both of those features make the therapist's job much less physically taxing! The only reason someone shouldn't use it is if they are not capable of using their upper body to help balance themselves. Check your PMs, I'll send you some videos of it being used at my facility.

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    We had one at my non profit facility for a little while on loan to try it out. Patients did not like it. We have overhead rail systems and other systems and didn't feel the need to keep it.
    That being said, try it before you buy it. They are not cheap.

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    I'm curious, why didn't any of your patients like it? I could see how an overhead rail system would be more appealing, but we don't have one of those. Most of our clients who have tried it love it.

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    Most of the issues had to do with the harness system grabbing the crotch. After looking at the new harness system they are using, it looks like those issues were addressed. I'm curious what the price is for it???

    Solo-step makes a great portable product which is an overhead rail system that may work as well.

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    Thank you Tomsonite and PMR Doc for your answers and for the links. My main concern was that the harness would be uncomfortable, difficult to get into and position and potentially dangerous (pressure sores). My son used to use his mobile hoist for walking -- it is an Arjo model with a special arm and "walking jacket". It was very difficult to get him into the jacket and we often needed two or three goes before he was comfortably positioned in it in such a way as to be evenly balanced when he started walking -- and the jacket tended to slip and loosen when he walked, so after a while his position became uneven. I was also in constant fear of the jacket damaging his skin. He used it a maximum of an hour at a time because of these issues. He has also used the ceiling track walking systems in hospitals and I remember there being the same issues. I first read about the GHS a year and a half ago and hesitated to buy it without being able to test it. I also wonder if the new system resolves these issues. Tomsonite, are you familiar with the new model (GHSII) or do you use the original model at your centre?

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    We use the GHSII at our facility. The harness does not go near the crotch at all, it uses thigh straps. They have to be wrapped pretty tight to be safe, and the harness can be uncomfortable in a sitting position. However, when standing, we have never had any complaints about the harness. We always make sure the harness is never directly against skin to minimize skin issues, and we have never had any skin issues. However, nobody is ever in the GHS for more than 30-35 minutes, as we all have to share it! So I don't really know how long you'd be able to use it before skin issues would be a concern.

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