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Thread: Tr 3 wheelbase

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    STOLhorse, I estimate my hieght around 6' to 6'-2", Both my TR's are in the repository, pay attention the the COG in both CAD's though.

    As stated above, SCI_OTR resports that TiLite now adds length to the frame of the TR, where they didn't in the past. Sadly we can't dig up old threads here, amongst other things, so we can't see what was said. You may want to confirm that and get an exact length. If I were purchasing today and knew they were adding length, I (for me) would not add any more. That said, I also loosen my straps in my backrest and I sit back a little further than if the straps were fully tight. I have a Varilte solid back-rest here to try, which I will not get to until next week, and I am curious if I end up sitting further forward; I will bolt it on as far back as I can get it.

    You mention wanting to go to 85 degrees to get a more compact chair, but if you add an inch back in aren't you defeating your purpose?

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    Brian, I am 6'2" and I also sit with my butt pretty far back with the lower straps loosened. I also wonder if adding length defeats the purpose of going to 85 degrees. I just got worried that my casters got too far back. I'm outside on the dirt a lot and sometimes while coasting slowly downhill I hit a rock that tries to launch me out of the char. That's why I want the 5" casters. I think it will be ok but I tend to worry a lot. Do you ever get stopped abruptly and does it feel like you'll tip forward or is it still stable?

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    I also switched from 4" to 5" casters and I definitely find them an improvement in rolling over things. I can recall in my previous chair hitting a piece of ice that stopped me fast and ended up laying over on my lap and the rear never lifted, but that was my previous chair. I cannot recall such an instance with my current chair, and hope I don't have such an abrupt stop.

    You may have noticed in my CAD that I also have quite a bit of dump in my chair and would think that helps; I also have Frog Leg forks on both chairs. As I stated above, I had my wife stand on my footplate while the chair was unoccupied and my rear wheels never lifted.

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    Well, I'm not sure how it happpened but apparently they thought we requested the specific dimensions for the casters. Normally, they would have been right where they are on my current chair. So they are going to change it back to where they should be and build the chair. I'm sure glad they send out that cad drawing requesting final approval! Thanks to all of you and this forum for helping me make an informed order!!

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    Trying to follow your the position of the casters in your CAD were moved from where TiLite would normally put them because they thought that was the request? If so, they are now in a location you feel comfortable with, yes?

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    Yes, that's right. Somehow they thought we requested the dimensions that they put on the drawing and one of the notes asked to verify the dimension. When my rep called them they said their normal specs would put it at 19" wide and 16.5" (I think) from the main wheel. That is right where they are on my current chair. So, I changed to 85 degrees and added one inch of frame length and the wheel base is the same but overall length is about 1" less. So, not much more compact but I know it will be very stable and that is more important to me. The main change I'm accomplishing is my seat height will be one inch lower both front and back keeping my four inches of dump. Also, I'm going from 24's to 25's and five inch casters. Should be nice - I'm looking forward to getting it!

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    Keep in mind that if TiLite automatically adds 0.5" to the TR and you ad 1", your chair will be + 1.5". In my last change I also went from 24" to 25" wheels and from 4" to "5" casters, both of which I am very pleased with!

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    David, you'll feel a lot more comfortable (or not) with your prospective new TR3's specs by requesting TiLite to specify its Occupied Frame Length - the precise horizontal distance between the front-most point of your proposed footplate back to the lower front edge of the proposed back post where its forward mounting bolt is set into the main horizontal frame (per the 22.3" dimension shown on the ZR CAD OFL below).

    Measure your existing TR2 by fixing it squarely against a flat wall and squarely measuring the distance between the wall and base of back post.

    Then compare existing vs proposed OFL to confirm how you will fit ... or not fit ... your new TR3.

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    Good idea. I just sent them an email requesting it.

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