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Thread: carbon fiber seat base

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    carbon fiber seat base

    hey guys.
    unfortunately, with the new interface we seem to have lose our repository of CF seat posts. so i am hereby relaunching it... sorry ;-)

    i am looking at changing the seat base on my panthera X ... might as well be all CF, right?

    i have purchased a 5/32 18x18 birch core CF plate from Dragon Plate (, but i havce to say i find it rather heavy...
    would honeycomb be better? or the ecoomy CF plate?
    would these 2 be suitable?
    which is lighter?

    then another question:
    how do i cut the plates? what tools do i use?

    thanks for your help guys!


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    I bought a carob fiber seatpan from Bike-On to replace my Tilite solid (honeycomb) aluminum seatpan. It is much lighter. So my recommendation is to start over with an already made seatpan.

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    We haven't lost them, they just aren't currently accessible by the search function. The moderators and admin have said its one of their top priorities to get everything accessible again.

    I would think if you're going for the lightest weight, then something like a seat pan by strips (a la toto1), or with large cutouts (a la t8burst) would be best. You could try contacting those 2 users for photos and weights of their seatpans since you can't get to them yet by search.

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