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Thread: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment for SCI

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    Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment for SCI Here's a link to an interesting video I seen almost a year ago. I have thought of using hyperbaric oxygen therapy myself but I was told I should wait until I have more sensation in my body (something about more prominent nerve signal) by my trainer. It has been proven to be very beneficial for brain injuries. So I'm curious if this therapy along with locomotor therapy would be useful for spinal cord injury.

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    I've used the hyperbaric chamber a few times to help with sores but didn't notice any difference with mobility or sensation. hope it helps you

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    The clinic I went to said they had someone with SCI gain mobility after over 200 hours with physiotherapy

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    It was likely due to physiotherapy.

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    One of my outpatient PTs suggested HBO after discussing my case with her husband ( with my permission) who is an orthopedic surgeon. This was about 4 or 5 years post. I did a very careful read of my primary insurance and decided that the risk of them deciding my slow but continual improvement was not worth the possible improvement of HBO therapy and the risk of them labeling me "plateaued". If this is not a problem for you I'd at least talk to a surgeon that uses it. But you will need to continue PT too.

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    When it comes to TBI, hyperbarics mainly help for cognitive ability. I have had a few clients with brain injuries who have become much more aware of what's going on, were better able to follow directions, and were better able to communicate after a bout of hyperbaric O2 treatments. If you combine better cognition with practicing movements (in an exercise or PT environment), then people can probably improve physical function (which again, I've seen first hand). However, I don't think hyperbaric O2 treatments directly affect motor function in TBI, nor would they in SCI, for that matter.

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