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Thread: me getting in/out of my Bike-On Quad Elite RX using modified lift

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    me getting in/out of my Bike-On Quad Elite RX using modified lift

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    I didn't think commercial links were OK. That's a DME email address, right, for a guy selling these bikes, right? How is this not spam? Didn't MarkB701 get his first posts showing off his PowerPod hand cycle moved to Equipment and Services for this very reason? This would be a very informational post if not for the inclusion of a commercial link.

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    to expand a bit too. that's an Invacare lift I bought used and then a local welding shop fabbed the receiver. bought the sling new on ebay. had shop cut the push handles off the lift. the lift itself detaches from the base with one bolt so it is still functional for emergencies.

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    That sure is a way cool setup you got there, riding off into the sun shine.

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    thx flying. that's my point, all quads can ride. as long as you have some c5-6 function go for it.

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    and best part since ive received several notes regarding cost. about 200.00 total

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