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Thread: Rowheels Super Bowl commercial

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    Rowheels Super Bowl commercial

    Hi guys and gals. I'm posting this with the hope that you will help us in our attempt to win a Super Bowl commercial through the "Small Business, Big Game" contest from Intuit. We have made it to the 2nd round and need your help to get us to the finalists round. Please VOTE for us TODAY & TOMORROW and help Rowheels finish strong in this contest. Send the link to everyone you know who would be willing to help out. Thank you!!

    BTW the 90 second video on the contest site is just an intro to the company and product and not meant to be the commercial, which will be made by a production co. payed by intuit.

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    Done. Good luck!


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    Thanks SCI-Nurse!

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    Done...All the best....

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    Done. Good luck!

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    Thanks djrolling & briddellm!

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