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Thread: Spasms Relief

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesMcM
    I know you do but I have heard that baclofen can hinder your recovery from SCI.
    No studies on this have been done in SCI that show this. There is some evidence on brain injury recovery in animals, but again, not in human beings.


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    Hi KLD, can you explain why Tizanadine is the drug of second choice? Also, can AD cause severe upper torso spasms?
    Tizanadine is more expensive, and more people respond well to bacolfen than tizanadine. The side effect profile is also very similar.

    It is more likely that the CAUSE of your AD is also causing increased spasticity, than it is that AD is causing these types of spasms or spasticity. Look at problems such as poor positioning or wheelchair fit, skin breakdown, UTI/stones or other GU problems, and constipation as possible causes of each. A syrinx can also cause both in some. AD, just like suddenly worsened spasticity, is a warning that something is wrong, and that needs to be further investigated.


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    Thank you for your comments. The severe torso spasms have occurred just twice and lasted about 30 minutes. The first time I went to my doctor worried about a heart attack, but that was ruled out. The second time I noticed the AD symptoms, including a severe headache. I can pretty much rule out everything but a syrinx.....

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    James, first I'd just forget about the seizure spasms you describe. They only last for a minute and normally do not wake a person up. I still get them normally after trying something new a few times like riding in the new van has gotten my right cheek doing the tiny but intense 30 second wiggle occasionally. Repetitive kicks which can really interfere with sleep I had too mainly in my left leg. According to my last neurologist many people report this one and one leg often is their UTI indicator. If mine acts up now I push fluids like crazy. I found early on that if you get the kickers your feet are probably rather cold when you head to bed. If your feet are cold I'd try a microwave rice or flax filled heat pack that you can heat and wrap around your ankles over your pants right before bed. The spasms hit as warm blood begins flowing through your feet again after a day up is my theory. Standing in a standing frame daily can help ease those and the whole body sucker punches. Talk to your PT about how to have someone stretch your arms out while standing to open your chest muscles. Not much help with the back arches. Those hit me when we started working on my rhomboids. Some spasms when you are in a PT program will show up when exercises wake up muscles and until they hook up correctly in your brain you get the spazes. Stretching is about the only help besides standing for clonus or thumper foot/feet. It does start tapering off at about 2 years out. My biggy was finding out the cold feet thing. After finding different ways to warm my feet up safely I started getting 2 or 3 hours sleep at a time then turn and go back to sleep.

    While KLD is correct about all the evidence on baclofen that still didn't stop a neurologist at Johns Hopkins from expressing his opinion that it does mask recovery. I just found it did nothing for me at 160mg a day. I tried Tizanidine and 2mg did nothing for me while 4 mg gave me horrible dry mouth and turned my legs that let me do weight bearing transfers to noodles. My physiatrist at Walter Reed finally decided I was just a weird reactor and put me on good old valium. I've had a script for a total of 20mg a day for about 15 years and rarely take more than 10mg at night. Do not try this route if you have ever had a drug or alcohol problem as many accommodate quickly and need higher doses over time. Hope this helps.

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