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Thread: Help with configuring New Tilite Aero X Chair

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    Help with configuring New Tilite Aero X Chair

    I finally got my rep to bring me some chairs to demo and have decided that I am going to go with a Tilite Aero X. I am also going to try to get a set of the e-motion wheels if insurance approves. Below are my measurements and configuration that I am considering. I would appreciate your help with my questions or any input regarding this setup. Thank you very much for all your help.

    Weight - 185

    Height - 6'
    Seat width - 16"
    Seat Depth - 18"
    Back height to Shoulder - 24"
    Back height to under arm - 17"
    Seat-to-Floor height - 16"

    Chair Measurements Looking at:

    Seat Width - 17"
    Seat Dept - 18"
    Front Seat Height - 18.5"
    Rear Seat Height -17"
    Seat Back Height - 16-18" - Folding Adjustable-Angle and Height Seat Back. I am actually looking or the ability to angle back at a recline rather than forward. Do these angle adjustable brackets allow this or is 90 degrees the most they will go?
    Push Handles - Integrated Fold-Down
    Camber - 0 degrees
    Fixed Front End - looking at 70 deg but now concerned that it may be to long. I like my feet to be angled out in front though. Recommendations?
    Footrest - 1-Piece Flip-up
    Front Wheels - 5x1 standard- Should I consider 5x1.5 LiteSpeed Plastic Wheel or aluminum w/Soft Roll Tire?
    Rear Wheels - 24" TiLite SHADOW
    Axles - Quad Release
    Rear Tires - 24" - Looking for suggestions on Solid or Pneumatic
    Handrims - Std Aluminum
    Wheel locks - Std Push to lock
    Back upholstery - Tension Adj Padded Nylon
    Seat upholstery - Tension Adj
    Seat Cushion - Looking for suggestions. Not in chair for usually more than 1-2 hours at time or less.
    Side Guards - Aluminum
    Armrests - Removable Height Adjustable Desk Arm with Rigid Side Guard. Looking for other Recommendations - I don’t like the tubular they don’t have enough cushion and I use them a lot so want something more comfortable than just the foam padding or can you get these with a more of a cushion than just the foam wrapping.

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    I upgraded from 1in wide casters to 1.4 wide softrolls, and love it. To me it was definitely worth the little extra! I don't have much experience with Tilite armrests in particular, as I don't use them on my Ti, but I think you could probably have someone make a softer cover for the swingaways if you got them. I don't know how it does for you, but whenever I've used a chair with T arms I've had issues with it rubbing my arms and causing skin irritation. I don't know how this would affect you, or if you need more rigid armrests like the T arms but just thought it was worth mentioning.

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    Thanks for your help

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