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Thread: 1 week later. It started healing better when I used fever blister medicine Zovirax.

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    That is the same reason my Dad got his a few years back when they became available. I think it was an Uncle f his that had it when he was a kid and it seems it hit with severe pain and left him with bad pain. He knew about the antivirals but hadn't heard of the vaccine. He got them and was at his doctor's office the following morning for the antivirals. They cut the attack very quickly. Then his doc gave him the vaccine a few weeks later to up his odds of no repeat attacks. So far, so good. My husband got shingles early at about 48 or so and got the antivirals and decided the copay was worth the shot back then. I'm going to see if they have an open clinic for vaccines at Fort McCoy on our next commissary and PX run. If not I'm getting mine at my next doctor's appointment since my insurance will cover them early too. Thanks Alan!

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    I really don't like vaccinations!

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    I know that many people have concerns about vaccinations. But I had shingles last year, went on the anti-viral medication and still have problems. I was out of work for almost 2 weeks because it was such a severe case and was on my face and in my eye. I had been thinking all summer that I should get the vaccination, but never did it. Wish I had! Anything that would have cut the duration of the symptoms is worth it in my humble opinion. CKF

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    As long as the pharmacist didn't give me a flu shot instead of a shingles shot, I'm good.

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