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Thread: dead battery - braun entervan

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    dead battery - braun entervan

    Ok, so I am having problems with the battery in my 09 dodge entervan with the braun conversion. I believe it may be due to some type of drain caused by the ramp computer. My reasoning for ramp stopped working a couple of weeks ago so I took it in to get serviced. They recommended that I get the computer software updated which I did. The ramp now works fine. However, about five days afterwards, the battery was completely dead when I went to start it. Didn't leave any lights on or anything like that. Figured I needed a new's probably four years old. Have never had any other issues with the battery. So I took it to Autozone and they tested the battery and systems. Everything was normal so they said I didn't need a battery. They recommended recharging the battery, so we did that. It worked fine for about five days and then I left the key in the ignition and in the on position for a couple hours (don't ask me how I managed that) and it was dead again. Got a jump and it started and then worked fine for two days. Today I go to start it and it is completely dead again. So I'm pretty confused but leaning towards a drain because everything kind of started after the computer was reprogrammed. I am really hoping someone else has had this problem in the past...any advice???

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    This problem has been discussed here before, but finding the link reference may be difficult during this conversion time. New software for the computer that runs the conversion package in your van may very well be the cause of your battery problem. The new software may keep the equipment in a stand-by mode which can drain batteries quickly. There are a couple of ways to deal with the problem. Some people recommend buy an Optima Battery like one of these for your care make and model:

    Another solution would buy and install a trickle battery charger that you plug in when the van is not in use. These can be installed by any car shop or your van conversion repair shop. I use the Battery Tender Plus:

    All the best,

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    Thanks for the reply. It really baffles me why Braun would create a software update that causes this problem. I have never had one problem with my battery in the past. Why in the world would they make a change where I need to purchase a special (and expensive) battery, or have to plug in a trickle charger every night? I am really wishing that I had not had the stupid update installed, or that I could reinstall the older version. Really frustrated right now...

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    I think I'm gonna take it to advance auto tomorrow and have them test the battery. Autozone said it was good but maybe they were wrong. It is four years old... maybe a new battery will do it. Just seems too coincidental that it started dying right after the software update.

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    Bring it back to the shop to confirm the braun controller is going to sleep and or that there are no other abnormal electrical draws.


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    You need to fully charge the battery again after the last "deadening". A cars alternators job is to keep a battery charged, not charge a dead one, so after the jump start, you are only partially charging the batt and if left to sit for a day or two it will be dead again. Hook it up to a good charger for a few hours.

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    If you live in cold country, you should replace your battery every 4 years. Warm places you can milk them a bit longer. It takes the cars alternator about 20 minutes to recharge the battery from starting the car. If you drive shorter distances than that, you don't get caught up. You can get a small solar panel. They use to carry them at harbor freight. New motorhomes come with them, because of all the parasitic drain on electric systems now days. Some cars have 5 computers and stereo with memory in them. That stuff never shuts off.
    The Optima battery myth has died. They were something special when they first came out 30 years ago, but aren't any better than any other battery now. Just get a good high crank amp battery. With all that electrics, I'm amazed they don't put a duel battery system in.

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    My 2005 Braun Van had the same problem. It was an intermittent parasitic drain when the van was off. I ended up having to replace the module controlling the ramp and the door. After that, everything was fine.

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    thanks for the replies...took it to a mechanic this morning and he said the battery is no good. so he put new battery in. I guess autozone got it wrong when they said the battery was good and they missed an opportunity to sell me a battery. it still seems weird that it went dead five days after the computer was reprogrammed. I guess I'll know soon enough if I keep having problems with a brand new battery. thanks again!

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