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Thread: Pain and the weather

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    Pain and the weather

    What's up with the damn pain getting much worse when the storms roll in. Three times in a row, has got me thinking there really is something to it. You know when I was young, all the old times around would say "I can tell when its going to rain, because my arthritis starts to act up". What's different? Pressure and moisture that's about it. Well temperature, but that's taken care off by heating the house. So I guess its time to move into a pressure tank with a dehumidifier, I really wonder if it would make any different? Be an interesting experiment. Anybody else have this happen with there neuro pain?

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    Hello..i have sever neuro pain... weather greatly effects me.. i'm best in between 65 and 85 with low humidity .. if a strom comes over top of me I suffer greatly until it passes and pressure returns to a high.. cold weather really makes life miserable with this pain... my pain is so high most of the time to begain with i have to wear the lightest cloth i can... i dred going into this winter i warn out with this pain.... meds don't help either... not at all....

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    Any ideas on how to deal with colder weather and pain in a contracture of a hand? Anyone? NSAIDs and I do not get along but I tried Aleve last winter for 2 days and my hand felt tons better but then spent a week with stomach pain. It's basically bone and tendon pain so I'd prefer anything except complete body drugs. Has anyone tried cutting Lidocaine patches to fit the back of the hand and fingers? I see a hand surgeon in 2 weeks so would like some ideas to bounce off him.

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