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Thread: uti--low fever

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    uti--low fever

    I have a UTI, and I'm carrying about 100 fever. I heard that I'm good until 101 because at 101 the infection moves into the kidney's. I went to the VA provided a urine. I am waiting for the results. I was under the impression they wanted me to stay, but at 100 it just doesn't seem too needed. Is just waiting for antibiotics better than doing IV antibiotics in this case?

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    It is always best to wait for the results of urinalysis (UA) and culture & sensitivity (C&S). The C&S determines the type of bacteria causing the UTI, the sensitivity part f the test gives your doctor guidance as to which antibiotic is the most effective in treating your infection. Whether you take oral or IV medication, you need to know which antibiotic will be the most effective treatment.

    I have an agreement with my physician that has worked well for over 30 years. When I suspect a UTI, I first take a specimen to a local lab where I have a standing order for the UA adn C&S. After the specimen has been collected, I begin taking 100 mg Macrobid twice a day until the C&S results are available. Then, my physician will call me with the results and order the most effective antibiotic. Rarely do you need to go directly to IV antibiotics, If you are having frequent and recurring urinary tract infections, and have run out of oral options due to resistance, IV antibiotics are possibly your next alternative.

    When you doctor prescribes the most effective antibiotic for your urinary tract infection, make sure you have a prescription for 12-14 days course. Two days after you have finished the antibiotics take another specimen of urine into the lab for a UA and C&S to determine if the urine is infection free, You don't want any left over, lurking bacteria in the bladder.

    Fever and a UTI are dangerous. Keep monitoring it and get to an ER at any signs that your fever is going higher. Drink lots of water.

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    When I see patients for an UTI, I do get a UA and urine Culture and Sensitivity as well as vital signs and a history of symptoms. I also review past UA and Urine C&S results to see trends in results.

    If you have symptoms of a fever you deserve to be started on an antibiotic after submitting your urine sample, and then review the urine C&S when completed 48-72 hours later and make the antibiotic adjustments at that time. If you have a history of oral antibiotic resistance needing IV antibiotics, you should go to the ER because you have a fever and are ill. Infectious disease will be consulted for follow-up. Regardless if you are this sick you should go to the ER and seek care urgently.


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    After telling my urologist yesterday that I thought the UTI from two weeks ago was still hanging on his reply to me was you are always going to have an infection due to the catherization method you use for bladder control. This was my first visit with this urologist as my other one has left the clinic for a new destination in Idaho. Needless to say I was caught off guard when he did not take a sample and sent me home as this would be the first time I have not been treated for a UTI in the 11 years of my spinal cord injury life. I am worried about going septic let alone the increase in tone and other issues that come with a UTI. Should I be looking for a new Urologist?

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    If you have recurrent infections it might be good to consult an infectious disease specialist. It is true that you will be colonized with bacteria once you start catheterization intermittent or indwelling. The goal is prevention, to keep the bacterial load low. It is true that you should only be treated for infections if you are symptomatic. Everyone's symptoms are different for UTIs.


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    Still running 100-101 fever. Doc has me on cipro.

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    Keep us updated on what the urine C&S results are and if the bacteria is sensitive to ciprofloxacin. If you fever persists or symptoms worsen after starting the antibiotic please seek urgent/emergent care.


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