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Thread: 2005 dodge entervan controller issue or not

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    2005 dodge entervan controller issue or not

    All of a sudden out of the blue, the airbag and ABS dash lights illuminate.

    The Dodge dealer could not find an OEM problem, when the jumped the Braun controller out their ODB shows no problem.

    Is anyone familiar with this issue.


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    Hi Tony,

    It might be. It's hard to say without seeing and testing the systems.

    There are quite a few things going on with the Braun controller.

    What do you use the van for?
    Is someone transported in the passenger front position?

    Is it set up for you to drive from a wheelchair?

    Where do you live is there a knowledgeable mobility facility near you?


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    Don't know if this would affect the ABS light, but I had an issue with my '05 T&C with the airbag light coming on, it turned out that my 6way power base was pulling on the seat connector cable just enough to loosen the plug connection at the wall. Try pushing the plug in or wiggle it some, to see if the lights go out. Mine eventually wore the plug enough that I had to get a hardwire connection done instead of a plug.

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    Thank you Jim, It is set up to drive from a wheelchair, but the OEM seat is in place.

    The dealer is going o try an up to date controller.

    McDuff thanks, that makes sense, I will have them check the seat harness also.

    Thank you both again.

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    Try unplugging each of the seats and see if anything changes.

    If it doesn't try plugging them back in.

    Iv'e seen partially plugged in seats throw some weird codes.

    There should be no codes in either mode.


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