I just had a flap surgury on my ischial..I had a slow leak in my roho a few mos.ago and i got a little sore..it started as a little opening and it was looking like it was healing on the outside..I did limit my time up and had a nurse keeping an eye on it and they said it wasn't getting any worse..after a trip to the wound care clinic,they gave me the bad news that it tunneled 2 cent..and 1.5 around the inside circumference. Anyways it's healing we'll now and the therapist want me to try this Airpulse APK2 cushion thats foam and has air bladders inside that alternate the pressure..the thing I'm not crazy about with this cushion is that it has a battery pack that has to be charged and a little control box that connects to the cushion which is more things that could possibly malfunction..when we do get it i will be getting pressure mapped to see how it maps out..I guess if it works,then that's good...I hear it wa invented by a Quad who got sores from losing air in his ROHO ...personally,I've never found a cushion that relieves pressure like a ROHO,,,but when they leak,you can quickly develop a problem..ive had 2 surguries in the last 10 yrs..i know,,i need to keep a better eye on it...I've used them for 25 yrs.and sit up up 12-13 hrs.a day..I'm slender,tall with very boney promininces on my ischials (sitting bones)..if anyone knows of a cushion that works as well as a roho,please let me know..Thank You.