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Thread: considering new wheels...advice?

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    considering new wheels...advice?

    I found some flexrims for an awesome price, but they have a tear in the urethane. Do you know if this can be repaired? I've been wanting an extra wheels set, and these might be the ticket. Very cheap. If I can't land these, which are only $100, I'm not sure just how high I want to go in terms of getting new wheels. Are the higher end wheels really any better for pushing than the stock wire ones? I am not an SCI, but have an inherited neurological disorder which causes involuntary movement episodes upon exertion that interfere with walking and normal activity. I am using my chair to get around a college campus, and am wondering specifically if higher end wheels would lend an endurance or performance increase that would make getting around in an urban environment any easier. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    i have been using the flexrims for 3 years now. they are awsome, they are by far the most ergonomic and comfortable rims to push. once you start with them, you can never go back.\i can terrible hand and wrist pain if i push a regular rim, cause with the flexrim, you never squeeze the rim, you simply push with your finger.
    ... but they dont last forever: the rubber gets perforated, the rubber detaches from the metal rim... and that sucks.

    i found that the only thing that glues the rims back, and repairs possible perforation is sugru ( which is a sort of self setting rubber that sticks to both the urethane and the metal.
    \i work it in very thin layers, let them dry, then reinforce, not too much in order to keep the texture and fexibility the same as the actual flexrim rubber.
    it lasts me 8-10 month per repair...
    and at 3$ per repair... thats just not an issue...

    spinergy told me to use 1 second glue... but it does not work cause it hardens and becomes very obvious as you push... plus cracks back open after a few days.
    try sugru, it is orderable in the us nowadays...

    let me know if you need any help.


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    Thanks for the tip. If I find anymore I will definitely keep it in mind. Unfortunately these got snapped up by someone with deeper pockets than I have during bidding.

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