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Thread: ZX-1 Power Add-on owners thread

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    the actuator harness plugs into the control box at the upper right corner. Pay attention-there are four 2 terminal sockets in that section; the two terminal actuator wire plugs into the upper/right (outer) choice. The plug is "keyed" and will only go into this/correct socket.

    AFAIK, the actuator/linear motor is 12v. Don't try using 24v to test! I believe that a 9v transistor radio battery is enough to run it. Shangine the polarity reverses the device.
    If you can take short lengths of a paperclip and stand them up in the cable connector, you should be able to bend them so the 9v battery will contact them and see if the actuator works.
    If so, then the control box is at fault.

    If that's the case, before replacing it, I'd try splitting the seam and looking for a fault inside like a cracke solder joint where the relay is mounted; perhaps pull the relay cover off and see if you can file dirty contacts?
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    THanks. I wrote the people at Spinergy and numotion from the first time I had a breakdown. They aready responded and are sending a replacement actuator to my DME. My DME is picking up the machine Moday afternoon. Kind of surprised it went this quick. It's still under warranty.

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    Still wondering if Pattherat is still active on CareCure. Does anyone have a contact e-mail for him?

    Quote Originally Posted by elarson View Post
    Has anyone here heard from Pattherat? I have been having a conversation with him through messages, but he seems to have disappeared in the middle of it. Hopefully we just got our communication crossed, but I would be interested to know if he is okay.
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    PM Sent Elarson.

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