Technician was here yesterday and got work done on my TiLite Aero Z and ZX1. Was being pitched forward going downhill, to the point where I had to use a seatbelt.

Thanks, Pattherat, got anti-tips adjusted as you suggested, much closer to the backrest uprights of chair then road tested it - perfect. I know I will have a tiny struggle getting over a small bump in a threshold - someone here suggested to attack at an angle rather than straight on. Pat, you also suggested raising the rear wheels up a bit for better traction over something. Since I'm no longer able to use my body language to lean back or to push down on armrests anyway, the close fitting anti tippers are going to work fine for me.

Did not change my TiLite COG as I was concerned I might be a bit tippy when not using ZX1.
An unexpected benefit of the change yesterday - I now have my armrest on left closer to where I need to lean arm to do pressure relief, as armrest brackets have been moved forward.
Happy Camper today!