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Thread: ZX-1 Power Add-on owners thread

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    Sounds to me like it is a short in one of your batteries. Any easy way to test this is to put it on blocks run at at full throttle and test each battery with a multimeter(about $10 at a hardware store). A battery with a short will drop volts (somewhere around 6 volts or more) right away. If that's not enough load put it up against a wall and run and test.

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    Thanks for the input Pat ! I'll check that, I've already a multimeter…
    This issue is not as big as I've described, because it doesn't happen so often, (I still love my ZX. it's a game changer for sure) but if I could fix it and change this "shutting death" by a "beep" and a "crawl mode" I would be very happy !
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