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Thread: ZX-1 Power Add-on owners thread

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    Sounds like you have a bad cell in one of your batteries (if AGM or LiFePO4) as a bad cell, under load, will drop voltage significantly. Each AGM battery consists of 6 cells, one bad cell drops it from 12V to 10V, but probably only under load (being used). One Lithium battery consists of 4 cells, so one bad drops it from ~12V down to below 8.5V.

    You need to have someone with a voltmeter check each battery voltage while you use clamshell (will provide load without moving), to see if one has bad voltage drop to 10V or less. If that is the case, one battery has a faulty cell.

    If both batteries fine, could be controller or charger.

    Best of luck.
    Just love inventing stuff.

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    Thanks will try that. should it be checked when it's in it's "finicky" stage? This has happened with other sets of batteries; was the reason I bought new batteries.

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    Checking battery voltage drop with load applied, will show ALL the time, if it is a problem, not just some times. If only at occasional times, it is likely to be a poor battery connector, which could affect charging too. Check all battery and controller connectors are tight and fully pushed in.

    You need to tell us if you have AGM (LEAD) or Lithium batteries though.
    Just love inventing stuff.

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    Lead batteries 15ah bought from Battery Plus store.

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    First thing is check that all the plugs into the Controller are plugged in solid as they vibrate loose easily. On my new one, the biggest major plug was out about 1/8" - still in contact and driving but had got loose just by putting batteries in (which would have been shipped separately to Australia), that may be the case with yours.
    Just love inventing stuff.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Madsen View Post
    Lead batteries 15ah bought from Battery Plus store.
    Do you have a link?


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    I'll write Pat and see what he says. thew unit is close to 4 years old so probably needs a new controller and joy stick. I doubt it's the motors as I've only used to go to the workshop and back.

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    I did the battery test. It doesn't look like it's the batteries. I've sent the results to Pat also. I m so glad I got mine from him. 4 Years later and he still is right there when needed.

    I tested the batteries by placing the armrest facing towards the ground and skidding one tire at the lowest speed setting.

    Left Batt. pretest: 13.4v Underload: 12.3V Post: 13.3v
    Right 13.3v 12.7 13.3
    Both 26.5 24.5 26.5

    This is not a new challenge; it's just getting worse.
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    Bump.... Any Suggestions to try or take?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patrick Madsen View Post
    Bump.... Any Suggestions to try or take?
    Thanks for the link. Like you said it's either the controller or computer. My guess would be the computer since you were able to reprogram the controller. Have you looked on ebay? I am travelling but monday when I get back I will look at mine and see if I can find replacement parts there. Used computers seems to be going for 50 to 100 bucks.

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