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Thread: ZX-1 Power Add-on owners thread

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    I too do not experience any heavy thump, this shouldn't be happening. When you say it "slams back down" are you saying the clamshell slams back down open? I can only think you are not in the clamshell correctly when this happens.

    Totally agree with triumph about having a good inch or even a little bit more. The wheelchair is not going to tip over backwards.

    I can't tip myself backwards like triumph can because I have E-Motion wheels as well and need the camber tube back as far as it can go. I do however have 6 inch soft roll casters which enables me to get up at least an inch but any further than that I look around for another avenue. I guess it depends how accessible your environment is, mine is not too bad.

    Hope you get it sorted.


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    My wife uses both armrests for the ZX1, when approaching a barrier up to 2" high she rests forearms on armrests and pushes down hard as she accelerates. You can see front caster rise about 1/2" before she hits barrier. The casters pop right up barriers up to 2". Imperative that anti-tip wheels are not touching backposts while in normal operating mode. If the anti-tip wheels do touch, they should barely touch to allow enough slack for casters to get off the ground.. This is achieved in initial setup.

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    Went to a dealer today and he increased my forward speed by 20% and that is really good for me. I could have gone much more but the top speed felt really appropriate as a maximum and I needed to use the first speed for delicate operations like getting in my vehicle. He told me the forward speed is increased as a whole so it affects all speeds in a forward direction. Didn't cost anything so I am a happy camper.

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    What kind of set up do you have for vehicle, takenaback? We have full size van with lift on side - two wheeler family here. When I'm not driving I can transfer to passenger seat, but must bungee cord my zx1 as it wants to sometimes move a bit. Always bungee it when I'm driving. Just curious about how zx1 owners are traveling by vehicle with it. I'm hoping a trunk lift will work for those who don't have van. *

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    I currently have a rear entry van with a very old Braun hoist that is well past its use by date. I don't drive but I do get strapped down in the back in my wheelchair. Interestingly enough the ZX1 will not work on my vinyl floor, the wheels just spin. It is a 15 seater minibus with wheelchair restraints and nearly all the rear seats removed.

    I am in the process of purchasing another vehicle and the ZX1 works well in it. I don't transfer from the wheelchair.

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    Sounds like a nice the vinyl floor waxed? Surprised that zx1 wheels spin.

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    "Nice" is not a word I or anybody else who has come into contact with my 1987 Toyota HiAce has used before. :) Fortunately its days are numbered. It was the standard vinyl/plastic type brown floor that came with the vehicle. Most people had it modified into a solid type flooring. Not sure what sort of taxes they use where you are but they use the same vehicle (Toyota HiAce commuter bus) only a very modern version, they completely replace the floor and I have no problems in them whatsoever. Anyway it's going to be a thing of the past as my new vehicle is only days away.

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    Looked at Toyota Highace on web, neat vehicle! Don't think we have it here. Sounds like you have a great ride with that new one. We just finally got a power door fixed on our older, back up van, it took 4 trips to repair place, an hour away, until they got a fix-it kit that was provided by parts place. Meanwhile we got stuck inside twice, unable to manually open the second double door; had to drive down the road to get someone to yank it open so we could deploy the lift. We're 'good to go' now. On zx1 I'm going to check on left armrest to see if it's independently adjustable as it sits way back, making weight shifts difficult. It may not be due to my now-perfect anti-tilt setting - where it's attached. I'm still loving this device. Take it to a studio class and fly across a parking lot and up a steep ramp. Then in studio, detach it.

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    Wheel Damage

    Just as a word of warning to ZX1 owners who are using E-Motion wheels as well. As most of you would be aware the camber tube slides across and without proper blocking mechanisms the tyre can come up against the wheel as shown in my attachment. It has caused some permanent damage but fortunately nothing that will stop it working as per normal. There are few ways of doing this and they include the suggestion of Larry which is probably the best to have shaft collars, you could just use hose clamps but I have found that they move about. The cheapest while still being an effective solution would be to use exhaust U clamps. They are only my suggestions others may have different methods. Personally I am waiting on a pair or to be more precise 2 pairs of split shaft collars purchased from eBay as I have 2 wheelchairs that work well with the ZX1.

    I have done a little mileage testing or in my case here in Australia kilometre testing and I have discovered with E-Motion wheels attached I get about 5 km out of it. Now there is a little up and down in this particular track but I get about 6.5 km minus the 20 kg E-Motion wheels. I am well under the weight limit so I should getting about 8 km as suggested in the manual, so just wondering whether the batteries have been left sitting unattended for some time at Spinergy whilst waiting for FDA approval. Anyway just wondering whether it might be worthwhile purchasing a new pair of batteries but I will probably will leave it go a little bit longer until it becomes blatantly obvious they are losing charge and restricting my lifestyle. Most days I am doing in excess of 5 km and I think I can notice a decrease in range already so it will probably be sooner rather than later. Anyway just a little bit of my assessment however inaccurate.

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    Good of you to share that takenaback. I'm sure that will help someone with the same equipment.

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