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Thread: ZX-1 Power Add-on owners thread

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    I’m hoping someone can help with some slowdown issues I’m having with the ZX1. I had a lithium conversion within a year of purchase (2011 I think). Of course there is lots of little wires governing charging and protection of the internal cells & BMS within the lithium batteries etc.
    It goes into slow mode usually when going uphill or the batteries are under load but in my case it can occur going downhill and it is much slower than the usual slow mode. It picks up to a normal slow mode within five seconds and then just continues on for approximately 30 seconds before it returns to normal mode. (That part is normal) So this can happen at any time on flat territory so I stress again it is not the normal slow mode initially.
    This is the second set of lithium batteries since the problem occurred and it did start at a time when I changed batteries. It’s a possibility something was disturbed but I have no idea where to start looking. Connections to the batteries are fine.
    This problem may occur weekly, sometimes twice a week and I use the ZX1 a lot! I can bring on the normal slow mode by going uphill or putting the ZX1 batteries under load but I can’t bring on the extreme slow mode deliberately, it’s unpredictable. Can occur crossing a road, so I have stopped crossing anywhere else bar crossings with lights. As I said earlier quite often occurs going downhill.
    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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    when it occurs, does you battery power display go to fewer lights lit?
    I think I read in the owners manual that it will go into creep mode on an uphill when the LiFePO batteries are low.
    That's a nice thing about the V/A meter I stuck on my handlebar: it gives real time empirical info.
    A resistive battery connection might also cause something like this.
    If you still have the lift-mechanism proximity sensor, that can cause reduced speed if the mechanism comes up too far; you could try lowering the chair to the point the tires touch ground, then raise just a smidgen and see if the fault goes away. (I run mine in the yard this way to be less tippy after an unfortunate rollover
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    Quote Originally Posted by pfcs49 View Post
    A resistive battery connection might also cause something like this.
    Beat me to it. Translation, be sure *all* your battery connections are clean and tight.
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    Thank you for your responses.
    The display does not show fewer lights. It can happen right after charging. The proximity sensor hasn't moved, when it detects something it just takes it into creep mode not the exceptionally slow creep mode that I have been experiencing.
    I have brand-new batteries and I made sure the battery connections are clean as I have been through loose connections before. There is a distinct difference in the speed of creep mode compared to what normally happens with loose connections.
    Spinergy have responded saying that I made need an updated BMS box. Hopefully that is the fix.

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    when i first received my zx it would kick off, flash and crawl mode. the proximity sensor was the cause. i did replace my bms box once too rep
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    Just to bring this to a close and for the benefit of others. After pulling apart clips and rejoining wires in the BMS box I no longer have this slowdown issue.

    Just as an aside, the current set of lithium-ion drop-in replacements have more guts than any previous ones. I always use the same brand here in Australia and to be quite honest it is hard to even get it to go into slow mode. They've made significant improvements over the years. First of all the BMS inside the batteries would cut out and the only way to restore it was to disconnect and reconnect the batteries or insert the charger. After that the batteries had a recoverable mode. What I mean by that is after a minute or so the batteries would come to life. And this current iteration are by far the best I've ever had.

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