Thanks, I actually removed the actuator completely before I tested it and the swing arm moves freely. It is hard to say what happened I left my ZX-1 in the place I used to work and it sat for about a year. When I picked it up finally, put new batteries in it and everything worked but the actuator.

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You can use two 18-22 gauge insulated female connectors(red) that you can get them from autozone, home depot etc... I might have the correct connector lying around somewhere, I'll take a look in a bit.
I'm still using the same actuator for many years now. They are very well made and have internal limit switches that kill the power at each end of it's stroke. It's important that nothing prevents that from happening. Make sure those allen head stop bolts aren't out too far. Also disconnect one side of the actuator and make sure that whole swing arm assembly and clamshell move freely without any side to side slop and that the bottom bolts of the shock don't contact the sides of the motors.