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Thread: Long term acetaminophen use

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    Long term acetaminophen use

    I've been using Norco for several years now which has 325mg acetaminophen per pill. I don't take a very high does but I use it pretty frequently, 1-2 pills per day. Does anyone know if there is any risk from long term acetaminophen use even if I stay well under the daily max dose?

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    The doctor who prescribed it should probably check your liver function. Long term use can sometimes do liver harm. But it is a low dose so you are probably fine. Most doctors try to avoid using acetaminophen long term.

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    I agree with DD. I can't take NSAIDs normally due to acid reflux and a history of bleeding ulcers in women in my family. But when I get blood work done annually I make sure liver function tests are a part of it. One of my former primary care docs did say not to take Tylenol PM on a regular basis. I think this had more to do with how most react to taking antihistamines long term than the acetaminophen in it. I believe max dose for those who aren't heavy drinkers is 3,000 milligrams a day of acetaminophen and I never come close to that amount.

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