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Thread: Golf Cart

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    Is that a golf cart or yard machine? The dump bed makes it look like a yard machine, and if so re sale when running should be pretty good if cosmetics are there. Not starting could just be fouled carb due to varnished gas, happens all the time with small motors.

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    It's a yard machine version of a 4 person golf cart. 14hp or so 2 cylinder 350cc motor, dump bed in back for 'work'. Its a Cushman, but I think EZGO sold the same thing minus headlights, Textron was the parent company back then it looks like. It would be pretty neat, just throw the chair in back and terrorize the neighborhood, lol. I'm sure it would be an easier fix, but the bidding got more than I think it is worth for its current mechanical status, my actual need for something like this, and lack of transportation for a 900lb gocart to get it home. Cant just rent a my car doesnt have a trailer hitch on it. So I don't think I'll be playing with it. Maybe if it was 1/2 of what its bidding for now I'd buy it and deal with the issues surrounding it, too rich for my blood though right now

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    I have been using one for almost 15 years I think they're great!

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