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Thread: Any way to reduce the number of "Sticky"?

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    Any way to reduce the number of "Sticky"?

    I understand the importance of "Sticky" postings, but (example) when I go to the "Care" forum, I have to scroll half-way down the page to get to the postings. I don't know if this bothers anyone else but it seems to be growing. Maybe have a "Sticky" thread with all the Sticky's for that forum moved there. Some of these postings have been on here for 8 years or more. I know this would not be a "Priority" but maybe something to be considered for the future.

    I hope everyone has a great weekend.


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    These "sticky" resources get reviewed on a regular basis by the SCI-Nurses. I currently don't see any that should be eliminated. What would you suggest is not needed to be easily found, especially given the lack of a functioning search right now on the forums???


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    Hello KLD,

    I was not talking about deleting them only organizing them under a new "Sticky" folder. I often read some of the Sticky's and certainly find them helpful. I was referring to the number of them per page. It was a suggestion and not a complaint.

    Thanks for reading & responding...

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    If they are all put into a folder, no one will see the topics when going to the Care forum. Might as well just have them "unstuck" and have to hunt for them back in the archives. I just reviewed the Care ones again, and don't see anything that I would not want to have immediately seen when visiting that forum, especially by new users. The same goes for the New SCI, Sexuality, and Veterans forums, which also have a number of sticky topics.

    At one time there was a plan to have a FAQ or Wiki section of the site, but that never came to fruition. Not sure that feature will ever be available now. We no longer have access to Dr. Young's articles either.


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    I think the Stickies could be put in a separate column on the right side of the thread page like some pages have for other info. That would give immediate access to both posts and the Stickies.

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    I think this may have been more an issue in recent days because the sticky's were being re-posted on every page. That seems to have been corrected.

    I live in the "Equipment" forum and wouldn't mind seeing a little consolidation to make it easier to view the latest posts (especially on a mobile device). There are relatively few online dealers and many dislike the DME label. Perhaps combining both sticky's into an "Equipment Vendors--Good & Bad?"

    I tend to think of the Equipment forum as a place for members to post information about mobility equipment, vehicle mods, specialized DME, sports & recreation equipment, and other items that are commonly used and will be paid for out-of-pocket or by a third party payor.

    The "Open FES" sticky has been inactive for awhile, and I don't think it warrants status as a sticky right now.

    On the other hand, FES technology is becoming increasingly practical and relevant for many of our members. Commercial products using FES technologies, such as the Ekso Bionics and ReWalk exoskeletons, are beginning to appear on the market, Diaphragmatic pacing can reduce or eliminate dependence on a vent (including two high quads I've worked with). There is also some very pragmatic FES research currently underway at places like the Cleveland FES Center,

    I think it is reasonable to assume there will be an increasing frequency of posts related to this subject in the very near future. While this may seem like the absolute worst time to start yet another forum, I do feel that FES technology has reached a point where it isn't strictly "Research", but it really doesn't fit under "Equipment" either. I think that creating a "FES Technologies" forum could be valuable for not only our members, but the researchers, manufacturers, and professionals who currently work with this technology.

    In recent years, the Equipment forum has evolved into a unique source of information regarding the custom mobility products used by our members. The forum is not just valuable to our members, it has become a valuable source of information to the companies who manufacturer these products. We are the collective voice of a significant portion of their target market. These products are not produced in high volumes and there is no such thing as a "typical" consumer since each user has unique needs. Feedback from the Equipment forum has influenced decisions that have led to improvements to both new and existing products. I could envision an "FES Technologies forum" filling a similar void.

    Will there be sufficient demand to warrant a separate forum? I think the only way to find out is to "Build it, then see if they will come". The Open FES sticky could become the founding thread.

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    The number of topics on each page should be changed from 10 to 50. That's how the old site was. It will seem like less stickies then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crabbyshark
    The number of topics on each page should be changed from 10 to 50. That's how the old site was. It will seem like less stickies then.
    That;s an individual setting that you can select for yourself with the new VBulletin software. I increased mine when I discovered the setting and realized I prefer to have fewer posts per page. When scrolling down a page full of lengthy posts, it can take forever to reach the bottom. When using my mouse wheel, I began to think that the friction generated by so much scrolling was creating a fire hazard. Maybe that's where the term "flaming post" originated.

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    [QUOTE=SCI_OTR;n2915338]I think this may have been more an issue in recent days because the sticky's were being re-posted on every page. That seems to have been corrected. QUOTE]

    I'm still getting stickies at the top of every page. Is that a setting I can change?

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    Let's get the web site operating properly first. Moderators should look at the stickies and see which ones can be taken down. As soon as we finish fixing the site, I want to initiate the Wiki feature of the site. It was installed some time ago but never opened for the membership to use. Users can copy posts and other information to the Wiki, so that information can be displayed in Wiki format. My articles will go into the Wiki as well. Wise.

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