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Thread: I thought I could just work through it...

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    I thought I could just work through it...

    So, I haven't posted in this forum much lately because I also get sick of hearing myself bitch about how horrible my pain is and how much most days I just don't want to do anything because even breathing is taxing and painful. I decided to write tonight because I really am torn between continuing to try to just work through these feelings or try, yet again, to get some sort of pain relief where I don't want to roll off the nearest cliff so that I can just be free of pain. Thanks for listening!!!

    Becky :hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer:

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    Central pain is hell on earth and I know you've tried many meds, without lasting benefit...all I can do is say I hear you and hope you're able to find some relief, somehow!

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    Hello Becky, I understand what you mean about being sick of hearing yourself bitch about how horrible you're pain is however this is the only place I can bitch about my pain and find people who understand without pretending they do while rolling their eyes. If I didn't have the ability to come on here and find people going through some of the same pains I believe I would have gone over that cliff you mentioned although mine is an irrigation ditch filled with water.

    I pray most nights that I will wake up in the morning and see headlines that read, medication discovered that eliminates nerve pain or that I'm just don't wake up. Currently I take lyrica, oxycodone and Valium none of which work all that well but without them life would be unbearable since it's almost that way with them. I hope and pray you're able to find some relief which ever way you choose to look for it.

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    Sorry Becky, you've been on my mind. Hard to work through torture, I just failed a Prialt trial. Kind of dead ended, some days it is too painful even breathe. I pray to expire, no longer remember anything but pain.

    Keep searching and come here and bitch, whine, whatever.



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