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Thread: spinal cord injury

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    spinal cord injury

    Sorry, not sure where this should be, just know KLD is the moderator here.
    My question is CES a spinal cord injury? I thought DR. Wise told me one time that is was a root injury, something about axons not being able to re-enter the cord.
    Would it be possible to help me understand this better? Is it a spinal cord injury or a spinal cord root injury. How is it classified? Thanks

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    Technically, true CES is a peripheral nerve (root) injury, not injury to the cord, but because the outcome of this type of injury is essentially the same as injury to the terminal end of the cord (conus medullaris) where the cauda equina nerves leave the cord, it has always been grouped together with SCI. Many of those with CES also have some conus damage as well. Veterans and active duty service members with CES are eligible for care through the VA SCI System of Care. (KLD)

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    Thank you that helped,and thanks for your time.

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