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Thread: Shoes for Quads

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    I have order 3 pairs of shoes from this company. They have mens EEEEE shoe sizes.

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    I pretty much wear any shoe I want I just have to get 2 sizes bigger than normal to allow for swelling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoTWHeeLs
    I've had problems finding a shoe that is comfortable and won't cause sores. Right now I'm wearing uniboots, and as I get closer to graduation and figuring out my business attire I hope I can find something suitable and preventive for my feet. I was seeing a foot doctor who fitted me for a nice wide expandable shoes for $175 but even those cause discomfort from autonomic (dyserflexia)(?) Has anyone resolved an issue similar to this? I'm a size 13, I'm 6'4 so I deal with a lot of swelling. I have a history of getting sores on heel, for past 6 months I've cushioned the metal footrest on my c400 permobile.
    ive always wore Johnston and murphy dress shoes they make a couple wide sizes they work well and last.

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