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    Has anyone ever heard of, or used, a TheraCane? I was introduced to this amazing device today at PT and after searching on Amazon found a "combo." It is shown as "Body Back Buddy and Mini BBB" on Amazon. I immediately thought that this might be helpful for Danny's persistent rock-solid-muscle-spasm on his right lower abdomen. For me, the therapist used it on a trigger point in my neck that was a knot radiating up into my head and causing a severe headache. Honestly, after a few seconds of "tough love" heaven, my knot and headache were gone!

    Has anyone ever used either of these and if so, what are your thoughts? Thanks!

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    When I had a terrible knot in my shoulder, my massage therapist got me one and it has been SO great for working on my back and shoulders!
    The Nickib link in 1st post displays a different cane; I think the original/authentic Theracane might work nicer and is cheap as well.

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