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Thread: looking for something more adsorbant than gauze

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    looking for something more adsorbant than gauze

    i have a stoma but i would assume it would typically used for a ostomy my stoma leaks over night when i dont hear my alarm. talked to a few people who knew it existed but no one knew what it was called would be greatly appreciated if someone knew what it was called

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    You have a stoma (what type???) and don't wear an appliance (bag)?? I don't understand the question I guess. (KLD)

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    I have a stoma that I stick a catheter in it goes to a modified bladder and emptys into the bag on the closed system catheter it only flows without a catheter if my bladder is to full like over night

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    Can you cut a Mepilex Border to fit?

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    Low tech and cheap solution would be to cut up disposable diapers and tape in place. Medically, I like Medline's non-adhesive Optifoam. It's easy to work with and very absorbent.

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