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Thread: I tried a sample and it worked

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    I tried a sample and it worked

    The sample that I tried was called vinoprin according to the sample package it is made from Hoppes peppermint oil and ginger oil it was from a commercial that I heard on my late-night radio show i listen to which it is coast to coast a.m. I'm not advertising or anything as you can look up I've been a member here the results were as follows I took two gelcaps as directed and within an hour my nerve pain did seem to go away however I had some odd side effect I felt drunk I didn't have anything to do that day so that was okay the nerve pain seem to stay away for about 10 hours and then went to bed and took my single gel tab looking back I think it may have reacted with some of my prescription medication I don't know for sure but that day I felt really pretty good I didn't want to stay hidden away in my bedroom in my wheelchair waiting to pounce on the first-person that made me mad
    you can look at my profile but I'll save you the time I am a C/4/5 incomplete with 75% use of my left bicep no tricep and 25% right bicep nothing else 10 years post this November and massively maddening nerve pain so I was quite surprised this little "natural" supplement helped it is vinoprin they will give you a sample package of three I don't want to put the link because I don't want to get in trouble so look it up
    anyway sorry for the lack of punctuation good luck to you all

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    are you still trying this vinoprin you heard about on the radio? I just ordered some peppermint oil capsules hopes it will help with my abdominal pain, I'm sure I'm grasping at straws however nothing else works so might as well try it.

    I hope you're able to find some relief!

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    I just got my sample in the mail and took 2 gels, hoping for the best.

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    I know from personal experience and a bit of homeopathic reading that both ginger and peppermint are stomach calmers. Many doctors now suggest fresh ginger tea for morning sickness and candied ginger and ginger tea are staples on cruise ships for sea sickness. Peppermint is less directly correlated but it may work wonders when combined with ginger.

    Three things you should know before taking oils: where are they made not sent from, the type of oil used and when they were manufactured or a use by date. Oils do go rancid after awhile: some faster than others. And I would avoid any homeopathic medicines made in China. There are just too many contaminants in their products.

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    My wife is 58. She has been using peppermint almost her whole life for her stomache. I use to laugh at her 30 years ago, however I found out that some of what I called the nut job stuff, actually works. She has been teaching me for years, and now after almost 10 years of her injury, she is still teaching me.

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